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Some excellent books have been written on the subject of dispute boards and we include a list of those here.


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delay-disruption-construction-contractsDelay and Disruption in Construction Contracts
By Andrew Burr. © 2016 Informa Law from Routledge*

Now in its 5th edition Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts continues to be the pre-eminent guide to these often complex and potentially costly issues and has been cited by the judiciary as a leading textbook in court decisions worldwide. Buy now.




Chern on Dispute Boards, 3rd Edition
By Cyril Chern. © 2015 Informa Law from Routledge*

This book guides the reader through the complexities of actual commercial and construction disputes and their successful resolution and also presents a way forward for the dispute board members themselves to administer actual dispute boards all over the world. It is therefore, the number one guide for construction lawyers, engineers and dispute board stakeholders worldwide.

The 3rd edition includes the various international formats and types of dispute boards in use today and up-to-date information on the ever evolving law within the field. Also new to this 3rd edition is the extensive coverage of appeals from Dispute Board Decisions, the laws relative to appeals and the ICC, enforcement procedures and new forms and guidelines for the practitioner. Buy Now.


Best Practice in Construction Disputes: Avoidance, Management and Resolution
By Paula Gerber and Brennan Ong. © 2013 Lexis Nexis Butterworth

Best Practice in Construction Disputes takes a holistic approach to construction disputes in an effort to identify and examine their genesis and life cycle. It examines the factors that contribute to a high incidence of disputes on major construction projects, including the adversarial culture of the construction industry, the high degree of uncertainty surrounding projects, the inevitably of conflict between contracting parties and the role of the construction contract in facilitating such conflict. Buy now. 


Construction Claims & Responses
By Andy Hewitt. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Construction Claims & Responses was written with the emphasis on providing practical hands-on advice to those involved in the submission 
and review of claims.  This book is essential reading for those new to claims and provides an excellent reference and aide-memoire for those with more experience. Whilst this book is primarily concerned with the preparation and review of claims, there is a chapter devoted to Dispute Boards that considers what happens when parties cannot agree and the claim is elevated to a dispute. Buy now.


Law of Construction Disputes_Cyril Chern

The Law of Construction Disputes
By Cyril Chern. © 2010 Informa Law from Routledge*

The Law of Construction Disputes covers the construction dispute process by analysing the main areas that can lead to disputes and how to effectively deal with them once they have arisen. The book combines theory and practice along with exact excerpts of the leading case decisions covering the entire spectrum of construction law and the disputes that arise. Buy now.




Dispute Boards: Procedures and Practice
By Gwyn Owen and Brian Totterdill. © 2007 Thomas Telford Ltd.

A useful guide to the various contract procedures which require or permit the use of Dispute Boards. It gives a detailed explanation of the interpretation and application of each requirement, both practical and legal/contractual, while referring to the international Conditions of Contract published by FIDIC as well as to other published procedures where relevant. Buy now.



Dispute Resolution in the Construction IndustryDispute Resolution in the Construction Industry
By Nicholas Gould, Phillip Capper, Giles Dixon and Michael Cohen. © 1999 Thomas Telford. 

Funded in part by the Department of Trade and Industry and Society of Construction Law, Nicholas Gould led a four-man team which carried out research into construction disputes. This book sets out their findings and considers how the vast majority of disputes are resolved. It also explores the impact Alternative Dispute Resolution has had on the dispute resolution pathway.

The team detail the range of dispute resolution techniques available to parties to a dispute (from simple negotiation to mediation or conciliation to more complex umpire-led situations) and predict which of those techniques will become the resolution methods of choice in the future. Buy now.