The adoption and use of construction industry dispute boards within the Middle East and North Africa has been slow in comparison to many other parts of the world.

We believe this to be largely due to a lack of understanding of the significant benefits and the added value that dispute boards bring to construction projects. There is no reason why the MENA region should not take advantage of reduced project costs, reduced completion times, continuing goodwill and the avoidance of disputes that are now common elsewhere.

Dispute Boards MENA provides information and resources relating to construction industry dispute boards with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

Dispute Boards MENA also gives suitably qualified professionals an opportunity to register their details on our database and communicate their availability to sit on dispute boards. Those looking to establish a dispute board are able to contact these professionals directly. If you believe you are qualified to be registered with Dispute Boards MENA, please contact us for more information.


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the MENA region with a better understanding of the benefits and added value that dispute boards could bring to construction projects.

Our vision is to help achieve widespread use of dispute boards within the MENA region, which will allow those involved in construction projects to work in a positive and proactive manner, with the emphasis on completing projects with reduced time, reduced costs and with increased quality.